Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Halal Food Hunting In Sandakan: SANDAKAN UFO TART

Hello everyone, welcome & thank you for  reading our blog again. As you know, every places you visit must have their own signature food. So now we talk about our famous and bestselling dessert in our online bakery that attracts Sandakan people and tourist who visiting Sandakan, Sabah. Don't missed out our SandakanUfo tart. There's a fusion of tastes and textures at work here - spongy vanilla-tinged cake, creamy eggy smooth custard in the centre and light fluffy cream (or meringue) by the side… all in all, very yummy with a cup of hot tea. Wow.

This tart is the pride of Sandakan. You can find UFO Tart easily in Sandakan. Many coffee shops, even night market, sell UFO tart. Most Chinese bakeries in Sandakan town offer these cute tarts and their presentation different from bakery to bakery. Instead of meringue, some use whipped cream  while others pipe a cross on top of the custard. But when goes to Halal, it will be a problem to find a food or dessert that was halal, right? :-)

It's not a problem anymore, now you can order online via our online bakery. Just whatsapp us at CLICK HERE FOR DIRECT WHATSAPP. But remember, we don't have a readymade or a cake house, we just online bakery, baking from home, homemade products and delivering orders depend on location. For tourist outside Sandakan, if you want to try our halal homemade SANDAKAN UFO TART , must book in 2 weeks or 1 weeks before you arrive at Sandakan, Sabah.

Besides UFO tart, another our best selling item is Cream Puff Custard. The foundation of the perfect cream puff is light, airy pate a choux and inside is a creamy nyummy custard and dusted it with icing powder on the top.
Have a look in our picture, orders by our customers from all around Sandakan area. We have a customers from outside Sandakan such as Keningau, Kota Kinabalu, Tawau and Kuala Lumpur whose travelling in Sandakan and order our Ufo Tart than they bring back to their hometown, thank you :-)

We have selling cakes, cupcakes, Roti Jala and Kon Lou Mee. Cakes and the cupcakes on alla occasions. Just inbox us to our facebook page: Zara Cake Katering Sandakan or Whatsapp: 0128440271 Marina.

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